Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Tables - Let the Games Begin

How to play games requiring more space than a card table and keep the round or oval shaped and cumbersome dining room table open for its designed purpose of presenting and eating food?

Problem solved. Four of these sale priced tables at Sam's Club They are light and fold up to a 2 x2 package complete with carrying handle. Our sprawling 36 x 36 inch combination coffee table storage cabinet, dog sanctuary fits under two of the tables which provide a comfortable 4' x 4' (actually 120 x 120 cm) gaming surface. With four, a big 8' x 4' layout provides enough room for naval battles.

They have other uses, but keeping the kitchen / dining area in full operation while playing a game is very desirable. The storage requirements are minimal (2'w x 2' h x 16" deep for all) and I can set them all up in under 5 minutes.

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