Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's Primetime Pissers - Technology

In no particular order:

Mail-in Rebates
Divining the true price of the item (after rebate), stuffing the envelope with proofs of purchase, and the unexplained 6-8 week wait hardly makes it worth the effort. While I'm at it, entering codes for Pepsi and Coke bottle caps translates to about 75 cents per hour of my time for crap I wouldn't buy at a yard sale.

Symantec - Norton
The protection is worse than the virus. A swap of mobos has necessitated a removal and reinstall.

Live Updates
Norton, Adobe, Apple, Java, and others seem to always pop up when I'm trying to get some real work done. And NO! I do not want Google Tool Bar!

HD Channel Counts
I do not get all the promised 100 buttzillion HD channels. Many are only available in certain regions and many that are HD channels show nothing but poorly converted SD.

Blister Packs
Still cutting the poop out of my hands. Shooting shoplifters on the spot is a safer method of dealing with pilfered USB cables.

Convoluted Service Plans
Can't we just say what we want or don't want and get a price? I'm tired of paying for Jesus channels, shopping channels, and redundant showings of Law & Order. I'm still not sure what I'm getting from my wireless service. Give me a true ala carte price or give me the works.

MLB Blackout Rules
More baffling than the concept of dark matter.

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