Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Prize? Two Months of Living Hell!

It continues.

I have an unhappy wife. She went to some sort of teacher appreciation dinner and won a prize package which included a free trip to a hair salon. Patti was persuaded to change her look. She looked great to me, but I guess I just accepted the fact that she was happy about her appearance too.

I have to tell you. The hardest thing to do for a husband is to have your wife coming home with a new hair style and having to answer the question, "How do you like it?" I cannot lie. It was pretty bad. I said so. She agreed! But, she added, it was a work in progress that would require future trips to her new stylist. These follow up visits would not be free. So where was she going with this? A few weeks later, the situation worsened. Patti's hair, which grows like kudzu, looked like a cat was sleeping on her head. Just terrible.

OK, she cancelled the follow up appointment and went with heart in hand to her regular hair place to fix the situation. There wasn't much to work with. It turned out to be a train wreck. To get the hair back to its original beauty required more hacking and more growing in the right places. Patience would be required.

Meanwhile, this distraction has caused her to back into a van and to get a ticket with my vehicle while her car was being fixed. She wakes every morning in good spirits only to have to get her day squashed when she has to deal with the amorphous growth on her scalp.

But today, all is well. Her hair looks very good after another trip to her old beautician. Different, but better than before. Easy to care for, comfortable, and suitable for the particular head. The smile on her face helps too. Patti is back.

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