Saturday, September 20, 2008


There's a number of items here that do not warrant their own entry.

I know another reason why I don't like college football. The exposure to incessant drumming of the band's percussion crew causes background stress.

The end-of-the-world-as-we know-it atom smasher is broken. The cocksure scientists who assure us that this thing won't implode the planet didn't see this coming. I'm still worried.

Fuck Wall Street.

Next to Atlanta, I rate Nashville, Tennessee as having the largest concentration of Goobers.

Please stop having football announcers talk about upcoming network shows.

Any football announcer who says "3rd down - coming up", is not, I repeat, not fully qualified to do a nationally televised game.

The NASCAR season is way too long.

Ultimate Fighting Championships look gay to me. (I'd rather be pounded senseless than have a guy park his package on my chin.)

Baseball is now my 4th favorite sport. I'm losing even more interest as the years roll on.

The Mac guy on the PC vs. Mac commercials? I'd like to smash his face in.

People falling down or getting hit in the nuts is not funny.

If comics have to use mutahfucka more that once in each sentence, they are not funny.

Sorry, Carl. I've lost my taste for them French fried 'taters.

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