Monday, September 8, 2008

Whoa There, Mr. Scientist.

I like science. Science is good. Science can clone millions of 14 pound chickens. Science can stick my head on another body if it gives me more life. Science can claim I evolved from Trilobite poop. Science can colonize other planets. Science can stem cell the hell out of any non-living human they wish. Science can play God all it wants as long as it expands knowledge and improves life for all of us.

That is, except in the case of this 9 billion dollar (6 billion Euro) particle accelerator that is supposed to dick around with unknown bits of matter and energy. If you ever watched any of the shows like The Universe on the History Channel, you'll notice much of the discussion is about dark matter, black holes, pulsars, quasars, gamma rays and other nasty cosmic shit that would exponentially go beyond totally fucking us up - should it come near us.

Never mind the 9 billion dollars, my simple-minded logic says:

Scientists assure us that the experiment(s) will be harmless.
An experiment is designed to find out what happens.
If they know the experiment is harmless, then why do the experiment?

I do not want a black hole, anti-matter, or an undiscovered-until-now, cosmic killer floating around on my planet.

The problem is that after we are reconstituted into the soup of matter and energy after the experiment goes haywire, in this life, no one will be around to blame and no one will be around to call these guys out for destroying Earth.


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