Friday, September 26, 2008

Gobble! Gobble! One of Us.

Sure, I'm considered a senior citizen in some establishments, an old fart if there ever was one, but I refuse to join the corps. I am not going to buy a big-assed Lincoln or Buick. I am not going to play slot machines for hours on end. and As I held today, I am not cruising Sam's Club just to eat all the free samples in lieu of lunch.

The place was packed with roving clusters of humanity looking for the next handout. Some didn't bother with a shopping cart, as they knew they weren't going to buy anything. Some feigned interest in a nearby item until a new batch of bite-sized cuisine was ready to serve. Some took no chances and waited while the product cooked in fear of being shut out. The more polite sauntered slowly in front of the cooking station looking forlorn, hoping to be invited over for a sample.

Not me. I avoided eye contact and sped by every food kiosk. I got caught once and was asked to sample a piece of fish. I dropped a polite " No Thank You." on the hostess and moved on. I know what fish tastes like. I wanted to dispel the stereotypes surrounding everyone over 60.

I'm not saying it will come to this one day for me, I'm just saying, "Not just yet"

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abraham said...

you joined the Corps the minute you chose Fred Mertz on your blog. As Bob Knight said "relax and enjoy it".