Friday, December 19, 2008

Fuming Insense Stencher

I still can't find Renuzit pillar candles. The website still shows them, but the site probably hasn't been updated since 2003. I saw somewhere that they were toxic and /or a threat to the environment. A real shame, they actually smelled strongly of After the Rain. Nothing has come close from a simple candle.

An oil warmer we have really pumps out the fragrance given the right oil. It's a bit bulky and is a girly-looking contraption that fits in well with the pink and white colors in Patti's den. Not in MY den, though.

I've resorted to incense, which does permeate the room, but is smoky. I get the urge to put Iron Butterfly on the turntable and relive the late 60s. I noticed the return vent is a bit dirty. Even Renuzit didn't do this. Incense = bad idea.

I now seek an oil warmer that blends in with my den's decor. All those I've seen look like they came from Palace Neuschwanstein.

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