Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pre Christmas Housecleaning.

One way to keep the tidy household that I insist upon is to sort through my personal belongs in anticipation of incoming Christmas gifts. Whether or not I get any gifts is irrelevant. It's still a good practice. I'm anti-clutter and this annual purge is a perversely enjoyable chore.

First of all, I can find items worthy of regifting or moving on eBay. It can result in significant holiday savings. Secondly, I may discover that an item on this year's letter to Santa is one I already own. Best of all are the items that scream - "Why the hell did I buy this piece of crap to begin with!"

No,I take that back. Best of all are the keepsakes that I rediscover. Dwelling over an old picture or a souvenir brings back pleasant memories and makes it worth packing the object away until next year.

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