Friday, December 26, 2008

Aroma and such

Woodwick stencher oil came in the mail and provides the amount of smell good I desire. A couple of candles received as Christmas gifts do a good job too. They appeal to my tendancies toward pyromania.

Looking for the right moment to open my bottle of Lagavulin. This has to be the drink of choice in heaven.

New cell phone (LG Vu) makes texting and dialing a snap.

You have to see the model of the USS Buchanan (DD 484) that Brenden built for me. My father served on the ship during WWII. This was a truly special gift,

Patti finally got some warm and fashionable socks.

A long session of Tide of Iron with Brenden yesterday has me geeked up for playing war games. Ron and I plan to battle it out at Ponyri with Memoir '44 tonight.

Patti is actually using her digital camera.

On the way to 1000 iTunes purchases. Gift cards will help get me there.

Thank You all. Your company was the best gift of all.

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