Monday, June 30, 2008

Cheese It! It's the cops!

The law enforcement agencies and those posing as law enforcement agencies have been on my phone like it's a Branch Davidian complex. We have the State Trooper's Association leading the charge of those who call just to remind me to "buckle up" and perhaps drop a double sawbuck or two on them in thanks for the heads up. If this were the only cop charity up my butt, I'd still be annoyed. If these are police officers calling (yeah, right) then why aren't they out stopping crime? This smacks of a shakedown. They know who I am. So what's keeping them from pulling me over because I rudely hung up on Officer Friendly?

I'm not certain, but these are some of the other organizations that have called:

Police League
Patrolman's Charities
Law Enforcement Association
The Fuzz Fund
Bag Men of America
Fred the Cop
Mall Security Benevolent Crusade
Will Serve and Protect for Food
Racial Profiling International
Law and Order Viewers Association
this list goes on . . .

I just tell them - "Look Buddy, some police group calls here every night asking for money. Frankly, I don't trust any of you. Don't call again."

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