Monday, June 16, 2008

Slow News Day

But instead of reporting on Hulk Hogan's family I will be writing about a dead mouse found on our sidewalk today.

Patti dragged me outside and just pointed at it* The mouse wasn't squashed or half eaten. It didn't look like foul play of any kind was involved. It must have just dropped dead from natural causes. That didn't mean I was about to pick it up. I certainly had no designs of bringing it in the house. Patti suggested a burial. That idea was dismissed immediately. Well, it is trash night in these parts, so why not just pack him away with the cantaloupe rinds and coffee grounds? It was decided.

Meanwhile I turned my attention to other matters and the mouse was forgotten. I just remembered the little stiff a few minutes ago. He was right where he was before. A garden spade later he was in the trash bag awaiting his ride "home". For a mouse, I imagine being interred in a dump isn't all that bad. - And my prosaic entry beats the hell out of about half of what CNN passes off as news.

* Second graders always seem to simply point at undesirable things. If a kid is bad. They point at him. If there's dog poop, they point at it. Dead mouse? They'd point. Patti pointed. Teaching elementary children will change a person.

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