Thursday, November 15, 2007

Your kind isn't welcome here..

Man. Have I received some downright dirty looks at Micheal's, Jo Ann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby from some of the customers lately. In pursuit of materials suitable for putting together my "boats" game, I have wandered into these joints looking for such things as vinyl, doll house parts, sewing boxes, and any other item that can be used in making and managing my own game components. That's why I'm there.

Why the bad vibes? The clerks treat me very well because I don't chat for 20 minutes about how my centerpiece will look, or ask about the allergens in the Styrofoam Christmas reef bases. No, if I find what I want, I have payment ready, and am gone quicker than Keyzer Sose.

Maybe it's the fact that a man is on the loose without his wife keeping him in tow, or maybe its because I'm invading some kind of private club. I certainly don't try to sneak a peak through any of the sweatshirts with turkey appliques and embroidered pilgrims all over them to catch a breast shot.

I have started giving the icy stare right back, as if to say, "I feel sorry for your husband, the poor sonofabitch."

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