Sunday, November 11, 2007

Now you see them.....

Recognize this guy? No? Maybe you're not a fan of junk science shows that run on Discovery Channel and the like. This fellow is Stanton T. Friedman. He only shows up on programs dealing with UFOs. He's the house expert that rehashes his conjectures about alien visitors on seemingly every show.

You never see him otherwise. He's like eggnog. Ever see eggnog in July? Didn't think so. Friedman seem to be put into storage until the next UFO show is aired.

There's plenty of Friedmans. Don King must be packed away in a Las Vegas warehouse until he is needed in the boxing ring to wave his little American flags around. The Detroit Lions only seem to exist as a participant in Thanksgiving's early game. Marcia Clark is always standing by in case there are O.J. troubles.

Just thought I'd point this out.

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