Friday, November 9, 2007

Now I AM offended!

In my youth, the fallout from the Victorian age and the iron hand of Pop Pius XII prevailed. Those are the days when Lucy and Desi slept in twin beds (Smoked unfiltered Phillip Morrises nonstop, though.) Roy Rogers wouldn't say shit or crap even if he stepped in a pile of Trigger poop. and kissing on the first date was thought by some to be pushing the envelope.

Despite these mores, folks still managed to pass gas with pretty much the same regularity as today. Trouble was , we couldn't call them farts. Everyone had to bend over backwards to come up with a polite term for an impolite event. My parents decided they should be called "stinkers". What!? That's worse than fart. Fart is a nonsense syllable that makes no mistake about what has happened. Stinker, on the other hand, not only implies that the particular cheese cutting has an offensive odor, but, in my opinion, adds a bit of vulgarity to the situation. I point this out as case where the substituted word or phrase is more offensive than the one it replaces.

I find this to be true today of "N-Word". When someone says "N-Word", does anyone have to scratch their head before determining what the N-Word is? The connection is made at once and the real N-Word is processed immediately and contemplated. "N-Word" has to go too. It's a real stinker.

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