Thursday, November 29, 2007

On the other hand...

Last night's mini rant stands. There are plenty of annoyances associated with the holiday season and soundtracks to Christmas commercials may lead the way. I retract nothing.

"OK then, Mr. Grouchy Man", you ask, "Is there anything you actually like about the ever lengthening and overbearing season?"

Sure. Plenty of things:

  • I like watching the little kids getting geeked up over Santa.

  • I like the smell of cookies baking on December 24.

  • Midnight mass in an old, big church

  • A drink of whiskey with the men.

  • Candles.

  • Over-the-top decorations on houses.

  • Watching the 1950 version of "A Christmas Carol" - Same for "A Christmas Story"

  • Santa riding the Norelco razor.
  • Large family gatherings.

It's all good. But not in November!

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