Sunday, September 2, 2007

Today's Sermon

I had to go my neighbor's house today and ask if I could borrow some beer. He had only two. Despite my reluctance to wipe out his supply of holiday suds, he insisted that I take them. A little later he corralled 4 more bottles for me from his in-law's fridge.

Press [1] if you want an entry about how neighbors rise to the occasion in a time of need.

Press [2] if you are wondering what kind of person goes door-to-door borrowing beer.

It appears that everyone pressed [2]

Bear with me. I live in Indiana. This is a state that prohibits package liquor sales on Sundays. Our bratwurst and corn feast was a last minute dealio. No beer. I have never been to any social event where sausage was the main course and of beer was not one of the beverage choices. What would my guests think? I'm in a tough spot because of still another bullshit Indiana law.

I guess it is bad to drink beer on Sunday because it's supposedly the Lord's Day. This was a mere inconvenience when I lived in South Bend. Michigan was only 10 minutes away. If someone was down to their last case or two, they could count on State Line Liquors being open early Sunday morning.

Living smack dab in the middle of this backward state, I had to go the WWJD route. I know what Jesus did in this situation. Problem was that Jesus wasn't coming to the cookout and the chance of me turning tap water into Budweiser was nil. Although I don't share the view that beer is evil, I thought it might be wise to save my prayers for a time of greater need. So I called on a great friend and neighbor who I knew would understand the situation. He did.

What could be more Christian than lending a neighbor your last beer? I am truly inspired by this act of generosity and kindness.

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