Monday, September 24, 2007

Last word on recent topics.

  • Thanks to Sarah, I've located and purchased a WoodWick candle. It has adequate stench and puts on a big show thanks to the wide (what else?) wood wick. It snarls, pops, and flames. It's like a mini fireplace.

  • The yield on tonight's poop roundup was down about 50% There are many Tibbie mines left hiding among the aeration plugs. The problem is real.

  • Finally, I looked around to see if anyone else is as amused as I am by the toxin-removing foot patches. I think it's a pure scam and the crud on the patch is simply cleaned from matter that accumulates in the small crevices on the feet. BUT - The overwhelming majority seem to think these patches really work. There was even an ad for these patches on Web M.D.

I will say that negative ions carry some weight with me. Standing by the misty indoor waterfall at the Mirage in Las Vegas perks me up when I take a break from the poker tables. I'm still skeptical. I'd buy a set on foot patches just to see how much gunk came off my feet. Under no circumstance would I like to see any one else's foot residue.

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