Saturday, May 17, 2008


Supermarket: 4:00 p.m. Thursday. --Back up. Do folks call stores where you buy food supermarkets these days? I know I get looked at like I have two heads when I speak of stereos or record players. Just wondering. I have to be careful not to speak middle English to youngsters. --- OK , back to the story I had a choice of three lanes and thought long and hard about which would be the quickest. Never pick a lane: with husband and wife together, purchasers of clothing, children, woman with checkbook, person on motor cart, friendly people, coupon holders, and orders with lots of produce.

Bosco ate a rubber band. A big one this time. He evidently pooped it out last night. He was running around the house in celebration, so I knew something must have happened. At daybreak, I checked it out and confirmed the passing. It's amazing what the little guy eats and gets away with.

"My Name is Earl" has to be the funniest network show around. It has no laugh track. It will be back next year. Alyssa Milano was a welcome addition.

Speaking of TV shows, I'll have to turn Showtime back on as soon as new Weeds episodes return. New Penn & Teller Bullshit! shows would ice the deal.

I obsess over this: I have a credit for Macy's of $58 and a $20 off coupon. I don't want to dish out any more money than $78 and I certainly don't want to leave any of this windfall unused. There is nothing that I need that adds up to $78. This is like finding the lowest common denominator between three mutant fractions.

I thought I might have accidentally doubled up on one of my meds today and checked online just to make sure no harm was done. I was instructed that if my poop was red or black, it would be wise to call a doctor. I would. But I have to tell you, I'd probably be awestruck and would delay the call until after I gawked at the side effect for a few minutes.

I think I've said enough for one night.

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