Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bad Reviews

When I scan the "customer reviews" on a site like Epinions , I seem to always come across a 1-star review that pans the product because it didn't work correctly. I can read right through the rant about the poor quality of the product and perceive that the customer cannot or has not read the instructions or moreover doesn't grasp the concept of what the product is supposed to do and what it requires to operate and maintain.

I know of a few people (not you, though) that seemingly have bad luck with everything they buy. Their unprotected computers seem to have viruses. Their improperly tuned televisions look like crap. Their oil-starved car is always in the shop. Their full-memory, weak-battery, cameras stop working. Their driverless printers don't print. Scratched DVDs skip. Their uncharged cell phone drops calls. Many goods just won't stand up to the abuse of their feral children.

Some of these people need interventions. It would save them money and frustration and save us having to read misleading reviews.


Tidrow/Stone Family said...

You wouldn't have anyone specific in mind like maybe my dad? HA!HA!

TM said...

Yes. When it comes to ink jet printers. Punching them when they don't work isn't advisable.