Monday, January 28, 2008

Torture at 1000hz

Extended wait times on corporate phone systems were the order of the day. Sure, I can wait, especially on a Monday when everyone and their pets are taking care of bad news that arrives via mail on Friday. My issue was resolved, so no complaints there.

The problem is the playing of music while you are holding. I understand the need to fill the dead air that may be mistaken for a disconnect. I have no problem with selection of the music either, although today's selection was a a jazz trio playing music that you might hear at the Playboy mansion or in a bar / restaurant that is hoping that the tuxedo clad musicians will add sophistication to their unsophisticated food and beverages. My issue is that the music is being played through a phone receiver. It sounds like you are holding an ear bud at arm's length. The quality is that of Thomas Edison reciting "Mary had a Little Lamb" on his talking machine.

Another day - another annoyance.

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