Monday, January 14, 2008


That's right. I feel like I've battled my way out a thick shell, and I'm covered with albumen. I need to gain my feet and start scratching and pecking. I've managed to get everything else back to a steady state, but MSLOE has been neglected. All I have are these stubs for entries.

The Indiana Pacers suck
They have always provided some reason for liking January and February. Their excuses for losing are much like trading cards. When one has almost the entire set of cards, each new pack brings many repeats and maybe only one new card to the collection. I haven't heard a new excuse in weeks and their degree of play indicates that I don't have the full set.

Youssif: CNN as Bat Boy:Weekly World News.
Does CNN need to run this poor boy's picture every day on their web site? At least Weekly World News was a parody and Bat Boy (as far as I know) was a hoax. This is blatant exploitation on CNN's part, methinks.

Al Sharpton, why?
It seems that all he does is man a hot line so folks across the country can report any perceived "racist" remark. He, in turn, can demand that the person making the remark be punished severely. His suggested punitive measures make Islam law look like Unitarian guidelines. I'll leave the old dinosaur alone. This is his shtick. Like Guido the Pimp said in Risky Business. "In a sluggish economy, never, ever fuck with another man's livelihood."

Listen Up
Watch this. I laugh every time I see the couple holding these devices toward the preacher during church service. They may be able to hear the sermon, but carpal tunnel is a certain side effect. Cable TV after midnight is a wondrous world.

Big Brother 9
Thank you writer's strike. The most perverse of my guilty pleasures is this show. It's coming on CBS next month at a much needed time.

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