Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Peril that is Plastic

Two (make that three) recent encounters with plastic packaging have me longing for the time when natural products like wood, paper, and cloth served as containers.

1. Patti used a cheap plastic-lined lunch tote. Her crackers, tasted "funny". No wonder. PVC isn't our spread of choice and the tote wreaked of chemical odor. The bag was an office gift that everyone received from the boss. A covert staff reduction scheme?

2. My manual dexterity is far below average, but nobody should have any trouble opening thin produce bags that tear off the roll. I was going to get a couple of baking potatoes but couldn't get the bag open. I resorted to weighing the potatoes sans bag and slapping the price sticker directly on the spuds. The adhesive residue will probably kill us all.

3. I get a light bulb. Ironically, the energy saving bulb is packed in environment harming molded plastic. Luckily I had Hector, my pet knife, at hand to cut through the package and gingerly pull out the bulb without cutting my hand too badly. I've shed blood before taking items out of hard molded plastic. Sometimes the very tool that you need to open the product is what is secured inside the package.

I'm telling you. They're trying to kill and / or maim us all.

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