Monday, January 21, 2008


Where? Who?

Nothing makes the adrenal cortex spurt adrenalin like a good old fashioned fight. Admit it. Despite your high level of sophistication, you'd have some interest. Of course, you have the option of disdaining violence, but only after you rushed to see what happened.

Last week, Sarah twittered "Man vs. dog fight in the computer room!". This almost stirred me to call and ask if I could come over and get the details first hand. I imagined Wendy having Brenden's head in her mouth and tugging him across the floor. I make no apologies. Just as putting a banana by your crotch will make me laugh, I will respond to fisticuffs. If ESPN is going to show a basketball or baseball fight in the next segment, I will sit through boring coverage of tennis and 7 commercials so I don't miss it.

As a 5th grade teacher, I saw plenty of playground fights go down. There was a zero tolerance for fighting and the matter was dealt with seriously, but invariably staff members would ask who was in it and inquired as to who won. One playground fight is most prominent in my memory. The combatants were two of the biggest thumb suckers of all time. You guessed it. The combat was carried out with one hand each as the other was holding their thumbs securely in their mouths.

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