Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Propping Up February

It's coming. In my opinion, it is the worst month of the year. Much has been done to add some sugar to the medicine that is February - without success.

What has been done to make February a fun month? They tried Valentine's Day. ( I'll have more on this in a couple of weeks) In my opinion, Valentine's Day should be wished to the cornfield. President's Day provides a day off for a lucky few. I think most furloughed employees either sleep or catch up on housework on that day. There's nothing to do on a cold snowy February Day anyway. Thanks for nothing. Inventory Tax Sale used to provide a few chuckles for Indiana folks, but that's gone now. February is Black History Month. If I were a militant of color, I'd be pissed that I was getting the crappiest month of the year to praise the traffic signal inventors that emerged from my culture.

Like a bad cut of meat, it's a challenge to make the month bearable, let alone palatable. I'll knock of a week of it in Las Vegas and am still well enough stocked with books and strong drink to wait out the other 21 days.

My plan this year is to take care of tasks that have been put off until a time when I have nothing better to do. What better time? Twenty-eight days - twenty-eight jobs completed. March will be that much sweeter.

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