Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Go Ahead, Eat My Brain.

The heat is back and worse than ever. I dare not leave the house. Zombies roam the streets. Their presence is felt even in the safety of my home. It has an effect.

It's too hot to think, let alone synthesize any sort of weighty contribution to MSLOE. I'm going for the easy target: A television commercial.

The Toyota ad with keys falling from the sky troubles me. Make no mistake about it, the situation is not plausible. Even a smartassed sixth-grader will point out that the people in the ad do not have keys embedded in their skulls or that metal objects traveling at terminal velocity are not penetrating umbrellas. Where do the keys come from? Was this the planned eighth plague readied in case Ramses II didn't cry "No Mas" after number seven? The OCD me asks" Who is going to clean up this mess?"

I understand that Toyota is not suggesting that this will or ever has happened.
This commercial is not a good fantasy. (No sense of wonderment) It is not clever. (Crosses the fine line noted by David St. Hubbins) It is not funny. (And I laugh at almost anything.) It is not effective. (I had to Google "keys falling from sky" to determine that it was indeed a Toyota commercial.) Enough already. I'm dehydrated from forcing piss breaks to avoid watching it.

The next time the keys fall from the sky, I'm stepping outdoors. How bad can a Zombie attack be?

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