Thursday, August 9, 2007

From the Archives: Smooch and Bosco

The heat continues and I'm still in the holding pattern of staying indoors and watching far too much television. On slow news days, you see a gaggle of human interest stories that may have happened weeks ago, but have been queued up and readied for such as occasion

Same deal here in MSLOE. I'm running an animal story today.

You may have met Bosco briefly in the Wonder Dog entry. Smooch is his older half-sister. Bosco's Dad, Oliver, had a fling with her a few years back and produced her second litter. These dogs' genealogy can get convoluted. Suffice to say that Tibetan Spaniels are far and few between Every time one of them appears on a televised dog show, it's almost a sure bet that the doggy on TV is related to Smooch and / or Bosco in some way.

Anyway, Bosco came to us as a puppy. He was great around people, but lacked social skills in the dog world. We asked the breeders if they had another Tibbie to join Bosco. Smooch was offered and we took her. Smooch was a retiring champion and a two-time mother. Smooch apparently dominated at the kennel. What we have is a no nonsense diva. She patrols the house and greets all with disdain. Only after she determines that you can do something for her, does she warm up . She struts around the house and demands that you acknowledge her beauty. A treat or a belly rub is always welcome. Her relationship to Bosco is somewhere between mentor and dominatrix. Bosco knows the ropes now, but at the price of getting pinned to the ground when Smooch decides he his getting an undue share of dog power.

Bosco is bigger and can kick Smoochie's butt any time he pleases. I've seen him do it when he's motivated. Mostly though, he lacks the moxie to dominate on a consistent basis. Bosco has, for the most part, become my dog, and Smooch favors Patti. If food is involved, all bets are off. Charles Manson with a piece of meat would win their favor.

Smooch and Bosco do work together and are best of friends. One of their enterprises involves Bosco stealing an item like a slipper and hiding under a large piece of furniture where he can't be reached. Smooch stands by in the open. To get the prize back, you must give Bosco a suitable treat and must also pay Smooch, his agent, off.

Pictured are Smooch and Patti.

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