Saturday, October 27, 2007

War at Home

Patti relented and we played Memoir '44 tonight.

I may have to go to an art fair soon because of this, but I was happy that she actually played a war game and did it with all the grace I've come to expect from her.

The first few moves were, as expected, slow and cumbersome - but something happened after I failed on an attack and she countered and took out one of my units. Not only did she laugh and flaunt her victory, but now the game's rules and objectives became suddenly clear. She was a hardened warrior at that point and it was on. We slugged it out for a few turns but she eventually got the upper hand and wiped out 2 units and took the bridge in a single swoop to win the game.

I spent the afternoon looking at ideas for my miniature naval games setup with Brenden and was treated to a game with his beautifully rendered high-detail miniatures and battlegrounds. I'm at the brink. Only a lack talent in the modeling end of the hobby keeps me from jumping in. This hobby is very similar to my lifelong sports sims passion. The combination of background reading and illustrating history through the game makes it fun. The collecting aspect adds to the enjoyment.

It's hot right now, anyway.

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