Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Quote this, Bartlett.

Last night was poker night. After the great state of Indiana decided to crack down on independent gambling operations we are forced to go back to the home games. Ours is more of a league, where we play for points every week to settle on who is the Player of the Year. Wake up! I'm getting to the point.

Sometime during every game someone pulls out a quote from "Rounders". This is a movie from a few years back with Matt Damon, John Malkovich and Edward Norton. A good film in its own right, but one that is partially reponsible for the boom in Texas hold 'em. "Sorry, John, I don't remember." always comes up when someone asks what hand a player had. More Rounders

Some movies get watched over and over, largely because of the great lines. I go around repeating dialogue from these films assuming that everyone has seen them. So if I come up with speech seemingly out of context I offer this short list:

Pulp Fiction
Napoleon Dynamite
Blazing Saddles
Glengary Glen Ross
The Godfather
Full Metal Jacket

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