Sunday, October 21, 2007


Two weeks, gone.

The blame goes squarely on my new interest in tabletop war games. . I'm fascinated with two games in particular. Axis and Allies War at Sea (called "Boats" in this household) and Memoir '44 (Army Guys). Brenden (as seen on the FancyPance blog) has been over to play them a couple of times. Great fun from my point of view. Hopefully Brenden wasn't bored playing against a novice tabletop admiral / general.

I always liked the idea of combat games, but the cheapo components and the multitude of rules found in older titles kept me away. The games I saw at GenCon last August have well-illustrated rule books, high-quality components, and a welcoming presentation. Memoir '44 is the most inviting of the two, but I love the aspect of the miniatures in War at Sea. I've been spending my online time searching for deals on miniatures and looking into other games. Meanwhile there has been a draught in MSLOE.

I didn't even mention that a tree branch poked me in the eye and led to a trip to the ER. Nothing serious, but it was on Saturday night and Doc said "Go." I had a small cut inside my upper eyelid and a scratched cornea. Location is everything. A mere boo-boo if it was anywhere else but in the eye. After a day or two of itchy crustiness and a few days of drops, I was healed.

The dogs did a bunch of cute things that would normally spawn a topic, but I've already forgotten what they did. The annual bonfire at Patti's folk's place was last night and as much fun as always. I was annoyed by news stories at the usual rate and I even had a run in or two with people who dare walk in my world. All unrecorded due to my recent fixation with "Boats" and other games.

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