Saturday, February 28, 2009


Neglected: This very blog, my participation in online forums, e-mails sent . . .

It's all Twitter's fault. I estimate that I have sent out over 100 tweets since my last entry here. Not that I don't enjoy posting ancedotes here about my relatively mundane existance, but any stub of an idea for a blogger post gets slapped up on Twitter and is done with.

I don't worry much about whether anyone reads my crap or not. It just feels good for me to write it down. But to anyone who does read it - thank you.

I have discovered that I can convey most messages within the 140 character max on Twitter. I also know that I read far more tweets than I do blog entries. I have sent / received Twitter messages from my PC, laptop, cell phone, and iPod touch. Some people respond. I respond. For example, I'd never take the time to e-mail a "fan letter" to a favorite person like Rachel Maddow. Hell, an intern probably reads it anyway, and basically my message would be "enjoyed your show". A Twitter message may actually be read by Rachel and "enjoyed your show" fits well within the 140 character limit.

No I'm not going to abandon the blog. Rants are, by definition, long and meandering. Outside of a general F-bomb on Twitter, my angst cannot be fully described in a quip or an aphorism. Diatribes and Saroyanesque essays belong here.

This post goes out like the Voyager spacecraft. If it should enter your galaxy, get with Twitter. That's where I'll be spewing my nonsense for the most part.

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