Monday, February 9, 2009

Howard Stern is Ruining My Life!

I have no moral objection to his sophomoric humor. Don't hate him. Don't love him. But I don't want to pay for the privilege of hearing his shtick.

With the merger of XM / and Sirius satellite radio, I'm having to pay the freight for the container ship full of cash that Sirius threw at him.

I was a happy XM subscriber, getting esoteric music that can't be found on the local FM stations. Not for much longer . The rates have gone up. Classic rock and mainstream music is seeping into the programming. I'm hearing commercials. The merged, competition-free XM Sirius conglomerate is hemorrhaging money. All thanks to Stern.

Get this. Despite the rates going up I have to pay an extra $4 / month to listen to Stern.

Soon satellite radio will be playing Aerosmith 24 /7 on all channels (except the Stern station) with 6 promos between each song.

This is bad.

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