Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Commercial Rage

Is that all they could come up with? Humm? Dry scalp medicine? - I got it! SCALPacin. Thank goodness, we didn't have the same marketing team name Viagra. Bonercil? Cockmax? ...

Girls Gone Wild always notes that the drunken skanks on their videos are college girls. How does level of education figure into boob flashing, and faux lesbo action? ..and isn't it time to put the term coed to rest? Women have been going to college in equal numbers since my long memory can recall.

I've been here before. They are disgusting animals and I wouldn't raise them even if I thought doing so would move me to a higher tax bracket. I once pissed off a member on a forum by saying that the production value of a certain product was as bad as that of an Ecuadorian snuff film. He took issue because he adopted (purchased?) a child from that country. He went on to say that Quito is a beautiful city and the people of Ecuador are very friendly. Be that as it may, I said that Ecuadorian snuff film had a better ring to it than Bolivian, Venezuelan, or Peruvian. The choice was arbitrary... and further more, Ecuador is known for its lucrative cocaine trade, and those nasty alpacas. I wouldn't say that despite the nice people, that the place is beyond producing low quality and disgusting porn. That pretty much shut him up, but a third person jumped in defending the alpaca. I won't relent. Alpacas, llamas, and any other camelish creatures are repulsive to me.

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