Friday, February 15, 2008

Poker Suit

He wore a Poker Stars hat. His black jacket also sported the Poker Stars logo. He could have safely arc welded with his sunglasses. He enjoyed poker music on his cheap MP3 player. He shuffled his chips with dexterity that comes from only months of practice. He executed every action as if he was on a televison show. Poker Boy was a sight to behold in his brand new poker costume.

This youngster reminded me of when I would dress like my favorite TV cowboy. I was nine at the time. This fellow had to be at lease 21 by law. He must have thought tht he projected an intimidating image. Frankly, he looked and acted foolishly.

Evidently he spent too much time striving to look like a poker player and neglected his play of the game. His session at The Mirage lasted only about an hour before he was drained of his chips.

I enjoy the game, but certainly have tired of the poker shows on television. Like any other game show, why should I care if a contestant wins money? None of it is coming my way.

What the hell's wrong with the blogger spell checker?

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