Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing to see here - move along

Blogging about your blog is banal.

...but it has come to this.

This blog reminds me of the big mall built in the 1970s that now is empty except for the off-brand wireless kiosk, a sneaker store, and a Kay Jewelers. Hello hello hello

I haven't posted since December, 2010. No one comes to my mall because there are no stores. But once I was slapping up posts at least 3x per week. Ah, the glory days. I cared little if I had readers or not. I had posts, thus I had visitors. There was something here to see. Then came Twitter. I was able to speak my piece for the day in about 5 or 6 tweets. Efficient. Less tax on potential audience. The therapeutic value of keeping a journal wasn't lost. The blog slowly sank into disrepair.

I still need a reason to keep my writing skills from eroding. I'm getting so sloppy from using text, terse e-mails, and tweets, that I need to start blogging again. Really. Even if just once per week. I think it will be Thursdays. Say tuned.

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