Saturday, September 26, 2009

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This nation is desperate for entertainment

I only remember three stories from the glut of pablum that passed for news last week. Is this a trend, or just a side trip into the land of the weird and disturbing?

1. Tom Delay was on Dancing with the Stars I do not watch the show, but avoiding this clip was as difficult as securing one's home with duct tape during a biological attack. Delay all but assured that I will not warm up to the idea of gay sex. He went a step further and has dampened my appetite for straight sex. Knowing what this guy's ass looks like and not knowing if Iran is developing nukes for malevolent purposes bothers me.

2. Some woman plans to wear a different dress every day for a year. That's not very hard. Maybe there's more to this, but didn't delve into the details. (insert smartassed misogynystic comment here)

3. Then there's the MacKenzie Phillips thing. What people will so or say to sell a book these days. I can see incest experts lining up to appear on Oprah, Larry King and the like to help people come to grips with this problem. I'm punching Dr. Phil in anticipation of his efforts to capitalize on the new fad.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Need entertainment?
Tune into the evening news
and watch the antics.

My Six Words

Call Me Cate said...

The news is always kind of a joke. I mean, tell me you didn't miss the controversy over Suri Cruise wearing heels! I think the issue is that they were afraid she'd make daddy Tom look short.

The news tends to be either horribly depressing or terribly laughable but either way, it's rarely news.

Thanks for your 6WS entry. Good to have ya back.

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